General Pricing

Digital Studio Photography:
Northlight Editions uses a high resolution single and multi-shot digital camera back for capture of original art and photographs larger than 12”x17”. Digital capture of framed art is available. We recommend artwork to be unframed if possible.

Maximum artwork size for studio capture is 60" x 60" unframed. Framed artwork should be no larger than 30" x 40". Northlight Editions does not remove artwork from framing. This will need to be done by the client or a professional framer if needed.

$125./unframed art
$150./framed art

Scanning - flat art and film:
Reflective flat art scanning and 8x10 film scans are done on a precision 12"x17" flatbed scanner using specialized 16 bit driver software.

Transparency film scanning is done on several dedicated film scanners from 35mm, medium format and 4x5.

Black and White film scanning is available in all formats.
Color negative scanning is not offered at Northlight Editions.

Scanning, digital photography or printing of copyrighted artwork either from originals or those found in printed or published media is strictly prohibited by Northlight Editions unless written permission from the artist, publisher or a gallery representative is submitted.

Prices do not include file prep and test printing - please see information below.

Flat Art Scanning - high res: all sizes in inches
up to 5x7              $35.
up to 8 1/2x11      $60.
up to 12x17          $90.

Film Scanning - high res:
35mm                     $45. 5400dpi; $60. 10800dpi
120mm                   $75. 2400dpi; $90. 3000dpi
4x5 inches               $90. 1600dpi; $125. 3000dpi
8x10 inches flatbed  $145. variable

Northlight Editions uses both cut sheet and roll media from established fine art paper mills and vendors such as Epson, Hahnemuhle, Canson Infinity, Canon Fine Art, Legion Paper and others. Please visit us to see our fine art and photo paper samples.  Please Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.

Cut Sheet Sizes                     8.5x11      13x19      17x22
all sizes in inches

Matte papers                         $18.00      $34.80     $64.80
archival premium matte

Photo Papers                         $24.00      $42.00     $84.00
archival satin, gloss and exhibition fiber

Rag Papers                            $36.00      $48.00     $84.00
archival smooth, ultra smooth, velvet and watercolor

Canvas                                  $36.00      $48.00     $84.00
archival matte, natural, satin and gloss

Roll Media is up to 44 inch width and priced by the square inch and is quoted at time of order.

Quantity Discounts:
Quantity discounts are available for multiple print orders from the same file at time of order. Please see pricing matrix below:

First Print                   Regular Price

2 or more prints         10%

10 or more prints       12%

20 or more prints       14%

30 or more prints       16%

40 or more prints       18%

50 or more prints       20%

60 or more prints       22%

70 or more prints       24%

80 or more prints       25%

File Prep and Test Printing:
All scans and digital photographic capture files created at Northlight Editions need file adjustment and test printing prior to final printing and is based on an estimate of time involved and complexity of the project. This service includes color matching, levels adjustment, spot cleaning and test printing.

Digital files directly from the client also require file prep and test printing according to project needs.

File prep and test printing charges are quoted at time of order with a $45. minimum based on an hourly rate of $125.  Average file prep and test print charges from original artwork range from $62.50 (1/2 hr.) - $125 (1 hr.). Complex and large artwork file prep and test printing is quoted at time of order.

Digital Correction: (if requested)
Clients that request changes or corrections to their original art or digital files are charged based on an estimate of Photoshop time involved and complexity of work needed, quoted at time of order and billed at a rate of $125./hr.

Proofing is available as an additional professional service. Proofs are made to the same size and on the same media as selected by the artist. Half size proofs are also available to save costs.

Artist pays for all file prep, test printing and proof prints made and collaborates with Northlight Editions to create and approve a desired final product.

Final proof prints, or 'BAT's bon à tirer or "good to pull" prints, are signed by the artist and archived in dark storage at Northlight Editions for future print orders. All Proof prints and 'BAT's remain the property of Northlight Editions and are not for sale or distribution.

Artists that do not request regular or half-size proofing at time of print order are subject to additional file prep and printing charges if any changes are requested after a 5 day period.

Personal Archiving/Commercial Use File Transfer Services:
CD-R/DVD with Custom Labeling:  $30./disk
USB Thumb Drive:  $30./drive
File upload usuing our dedicated file transfer service:  $30.

RUSH Service: (if available)
Next Day        +100%
Same Day       +200%     

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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